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They take scandinavian design history into the future. They combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality and add a thoughtful craftsmanship to it with care for the environment. The result is exclusive designs with an emphasis on sustainability.

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Vita Copenhagen are calm visual lines and a new approach to the otherwise strict linear thinking in the history of the Nordic design. We at Neighbour really like it! Such as. EOS Feather Lamp. We love that lamp. It has such a fine and soft look that you will want to touch it. EOS lampn is feminine and can soften up the slightly raw plank table or it can be used in the cute children's room or bedroom and the expression becomes quite different.

The light is soft and cozy and makes children as adults feel comfortable. It can hang from the ceiling, but you can also put it on its legs, and then suddenly it's a table lamp Or floor lamp. Super smart. The lamps come in several sizes.

All lamps are packed in small, stylish gift boxes that take up as little space as possible to optimize logistics and reduce storage space and transportation costs. It also makes their designs accessible and affordable. At the same time, the process minimizes carbon footprint on the planet and maximizes the ethical commitment to sustainable accountability.

Vita Copenhagen was founded in 2008 and has since grown year by year. We at Neighbour are proud to be able to join Vita Copenhagen's journey. What characterizes Vita Copenhagen's products besides being beautiful and of high quality is the functionality that all the lamps have.

Please note that all lamps are supplied without Bulb, suspension and legs.

All VITA Copenhagen lamps are delivered free of charge.

Clean lines and beautiful craftsmanship. Danish design in a new light. At Vita Copenhagen, the story is nature and the creative spark that turns on all their designs. The story is also stored in colors, shapes, textures and patterns. These are striking contrasts and similarities, light and darkness, shadows and space, nature and creation. The designs have roots in the Nordic landscape but with the city at the center as vibrant Copenhagen. From here comes the inspiration as a mix between nature and the city. Inspired by the Nordic seas and beaches, the peaceful forests. Trees, waves, mussels, flowers and plants and the changing of the season. In each of Vita Copenhagen's designs you can see this. Such as. EOS Feather Lamp reminiscent of a cloud or a soft and beautiful bird, or the beautiful new lamp Aluvia shaped like leaves, but with a raw touch in aluminum. The lamp is cozy, raw and refined. Or the lamp Carmina which brings to mind waves that shape the sand on the beautiful coasts that surround Denmark.