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When First Impression Matters

Specktrum is a new Danish design brand, where passion for design, expression and detail are the basic elements .

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We were so lucky to meet the two young girls behind Specktrum, the sibling couple Anne and Kristina Laursen, and see their designs, and yes we can only say that First Impression Matters !! We are very impressed. Not only by the design, but also the aesthetics and not least the quality of the materials they choose for their designs.

With Neighbor we have selected furniture, mirrors and other interior as pillows and storage boxr from Specktrum's range.


The Daytona Series - inspired by 60s Hollywood

The Daytona collection is designed with Specktum's slogan as a foundation - "When First Impression Matters" combined with inspiration from 60s Hollywood. With its luxurious softness, elegance and classic look and attitude, the series is a decorative, design element. Daytona adds an extra dimension to home decor with these eye-catching style icons consisting of chairs and a daybed and storage boxes.

Datytona the chair gives a modern and bold look to the classic style, while providing comfort with the luxurious hand-picked black and light gray velor.

Daytona Daybed is designed with many uses in mind - lounge atmosphere, decoration, deck chair and seating - as well as decoration of high quality velor and matte metal legs. It's an interpretation of the classic and proud 'little black dress' from 60's Hollywood.

From Daytona the pillows and Daytona velor storage was created with the intention of adding a touch of color and attitude, while maintaining the elegant and classic expression.


“When refelction matters” - The epitome of art decor

"A polished or smooth surface (as of glass) that forms images by reflection" - This is the definition of a mirror when looking it up in the dictionary. But for Specktrum, the definition of a mirror is so much more. Looking at the history books, the oldest man-made mirrors date back to ancient Egypt, where the rich Egyptians reflected polished silver and other metals. Today, the mirror is so much more than a practical object. It has a wide range of options and a mirror can have a big impact on our decor.

Decorative and dynamic center. For Specktrum, mirrors are the epitome of art. A cool and sculptural mirror can serve as a beautiful decorative object. They infiltrate furniture and decorative accessories to create a completely different dimension and dynamic in a room. Octagon the mirror is a true sentence piece that gives the extra dazzling look to the room. It can act as a surprising, unifying or supporting element in the decor. The only rule that Specktrum has when it comes to mirrors is there are no rules - beautiful mirrors are not limited to the hallway or the bathroom, but are very useful as decorations in the living room or as self-contained furniture in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or study. 


Their mission is to create modern home accessories that make an impression and that become part of everyday life and the favorite accessories for life's moments - both the big and the small. They are home accessories that can change expression depending on the composition and environment and help to create the individual and personal solutions in today's homes. Home accessories that have edge, character and personality - all at reasonable prices.

Anne and Kristine are involved in all processes and insist that the small things together make a noticeable difference. It is from the optics Specktrum is founded, and it is in the optics we want to warmly welcome you to Specktrum's Universe, and yes first impression made a difference!