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With a brand that is currently celebrating its 200th anniversary, it is with a certain pride that we at Neighbor are now launching the French-produced porcelain Pillivuyt. Porcelain of unique quality that has been guaranteed for generations.

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Watch a small film about the French factory here, and if you, like us, love good craftsmanship, and at the same time are a little francophile, then finally read on afterwards and also see more films below, where you can see what fantastic work lies behind each only Pillivuyt product:



There is a strong connection between Pillivuyt and the French culinary profession. By listening to the chefs' wishes and challenges, it has resulted in products of the best quality, and when Pillivuyt's products gain recognition from the French star chefs, it speaks for itself!

The story of Pillivuyt is unique:

In 1818, a young man, Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt, bought an old brick factory in a village in the Sancerre region. Not to produce bricks, but to use the new technology to produce porcelain.



The location in Sancerre was perfect for porcelain production; There was plenty of water in the surrounding rivers and wood they could get from the nearby forests. Last but not least, there was a short distance to the main ingredient in the porcelain mass, kaolin.


Pillivuyt is still produced today in Sancerre and production is spread over the area with approx. 200 employees. In addition to porcelain production, the area is world famous for their white wine production.

Approx. 22,500 pieces of porcelain. It is the firing itself and the oven's ability to achieve the high temperatures that give the porcelain the great strength. It takes between 30 and 40 hours and the temperature rises to 1400 degrees. Some of the ovens have been used for over a lifetime.

All Pillivuyt porcelain is stamped on the bottom. It is the factory's quality assurance and guarantee that the porcelain lives up to the strict requirements set by Pillivuyt itself.