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Monika Petersen

Danish artist, graphic artist and illustrator. Monika Petersen has a workshop in Copenhagen, where she primarily works with handmade prints in linoleum carvings - a slow and careful process that requires great precision and patience. All linoleum prints are produced by Monika Petersen in metallic oil-based gold. The paper is from Italy. Although the prints have many details, they are at the same time very simple and beautiful. The prints are all signed.

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Monika Petersen is after her studies at St. Martins College and work in London back in Copenhagen. Monika Petersen was nominated for the Bo Bedre Design Awards in 2016 in the category "Artisan of the Year". Monika Petersen's work has also been illustrated in many magazines such as Elle, Cover, and Rum.

The designs have also been used as wallpaper, oncupspillowsmv. She often finds the motifs for her prints in nature and focuses on the beauty and details of a single leaf, fruit or flower.

When we visited Monika Petersen at her workshop just before Christmas, there was pressure to finish all the prints. Monika Petersen had hectic red cheeks but was still completely calm. When you see Monika Petersen's works of art, you understand that this is a necessity. Because despite the fact that the pictures look simple with "only" a single color, you see when you get closer, what a sure hand it may require to prepare such a work. Who does not remember back in his own schooling where you got a piece of linoleum in your hand and a knife and then you had to try to cut something that looked like something. This was incredibly difficult and besides the fact that it was difficult to get the desired motif, it was also often destroyed by a hand that was too fast or inaccurate so the knife just slipped, practice!

Linoleum printing, also called linoleum cutting, is a simple graphic printing technique. Recesses are cut in a linoleum sheet. which then forms a motif. Linoleum is a flooring material. Then the raised parts are painted with the ink, e.g. gold on a roller which is then transferred to the paper. The paper used is carefully selected graphic paper from Italy. The cardboard paper, which is available in several colors, gives a good effect due to its structure.

In addition to fantastic craftsmanship, Monika Petersen's prints are incredibly beautiful and elegant. The pictures change character during the day and evening, depending on the light. One moment you see a sparklingleafthe next moment a leaf just a delicate outline. The choice of the color of the paper is also of great importance, see e.g. how different the poppy looks depending on whether it is onwhiteorblackbackground. Likewise with the frame. Should the frame be black, natural or the brand new and hot with the "floating frame". It looks super cool with a Monika Petersenprinton a picture wall along with completely different styles, e.g. Mette Handberg

Do you want a simpler expression, e.g. across the sofa or in the hallway, choose two or three identical pictures from Monika Petersen. It gives a super nice and aesthetic expression. Need to buy onegiftfor someone you care about, a Monika Petersen print is a really good choice.

Linoleum prints have been given a revival thanks to Monika Petersen, who gives the old craft a beautiful, modern touch.