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Meraki has a large and excellent range of wellness and lifestyle products for both baths and kitchens. Meraki was developed in Denmark and was created with love for nature. The products are mild and nutritious and based on pure and simple principles. The essential oils are 100% organic and no parabens, dyes, SLS or hormone-disrupting substances have been used--

Meraki is a wonderful universe of well-being and lifestyle products, designed and developed in Denmark. The products are inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with love for the treasury of nature. The result should be clean and Meraki makes an effort to develop care products that use the best of nature and that spoil both body and soul. Below you can read much more about Meraki's amazing products, as well as tips on how to use them.

Maybe you don't have the time or the money to go on a wellness retreat, but then you can join us in creating your own little wellness universe back home. If you don't want to do it alone, invite your family or your friend and have a good night or weekend in the name of self-pity. Meraki is so much more than their delicious soap. They're so nice to have standing onbathroomOr a really good one.GavideYeah. Meraki is found in the traditional three variants: Cotton Haze, Linen Dew and Silky Mist. In addition, Meraki has just launched a completely new line, Pure, which is perfume-free, and blah. Swallow

Meraki are products with mild, active and nourishing ingredients, all carefully selected for their properties, proven effect and natural fragrance.

Based on pure and simple principles

  • Without parabens
  • Without colouring matter
  • Without SLS
  • Without endocrine disruptors
  • Use of mild preservation only
  • Natural perfume, essential oils
  • High quality basic oils

Tip for use

We have collected a number of tips and recommendations on how Meraki products can be used and combined. Lean back and let yourself be inspired by Meraki's exciting universe


100% organic

Lovely moisturizing, protective and nurturing oil with many uses.

The oil has a lovely aroma of geranium and orange. Contains sesame, argan and almond oil.



Body scrub, add if necessary. A little Meraki Salt.

If you want more moisture in your daily body care, you can mix a few drops of Pure Oil in your body lotion or cream. You can also use the oil as a serum under your day or night cream. The oil is pure and silicone free. This means that the skin does not clog and leave impurities.


Use the oil to gently remove eye makeup.

The oil is gentle to the eyes and at the same time moisturizes the flaps.


The oil is used to give extra moisture and care to your hair without greasing your hair.

Balm: Add extra moisture to the hair by dripping a few drops of oil into your conditioner

You can also use the oil as a hair cure. Rub some oil in your hair tips and let the cure work overnight. Rub shampoo in the dry hair, then rinse the hair thoroughly.

Hairline: Add moisture to the base by rubbing oil in the base. Let the oil work overnight. This treatment also works well against psoriasis.


Shaving of legs and intimate shaving.

Shaving beard.

Reduce the risk of red buds by lubricating the skin with Pure Oil. Oil moistens the skin and prevents ingrown hair

Hair removal: moist skin. Put the oil on and let it sit for a while. Barbe the desired area, grease the skin with oil.


The skin care series i s available in three fragrances:

Cotton Haze: Fresh fruit flavour with a dash of citrus.

Linen Dew: A lovely light scent of wood, and smoked, fresh mint.

Silky Mist: A refreshing scent of sweet fruit with a dash of citrus and orange.

The detergent i s available in two fragrances:

Sand dunes: orange and citrus, rosemary, mint and green iris.

Urban Guard: soft, fresh breeze with a light touch of flowers.


Soaps, shampoo and body soap are all added to a natural foam medium coming from coconuts (sodium coco sulfate).



The salt liberated the skin for dead skin cells. It leaves the skin fuimed, pure and brilliant.

  • Normal / dry skin
  • Birds, carts and exfoliating the skin.
  • Oil-based
  • Contains, inter alia, Danish sea salt, sheabutter, almond, sunflower and arganese oil

Why do you need a scrub gel?

  • Leaders, healers and healthier skin
  • Died skin cells and waste substances effectively from the skin of the skin
  • New cells can easily record the humidity that you add to the skin
  • More homogeneity, an optimum result in spraytan and wax by bone

To exfoliate your skin : (Max, 1-2 times a week)

  • Always start by moising the skin.
  • Rub the curve on the body
  • Always rub against your heart to strengthen your blood flow.


100% organic

Prenting and moisture-giving balm that protects and heals dry or damaged skin. The balm is smurred on the skin of a thin layer.

Contains, inter alia, ecological time oil, Sheabutter and Evitamin.

Can be used for :

  • Elbows
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Bone Band
  • Spruken lips
  • Exporte
  • Reliering and healing of red hales

On your hands and feet, you may be able to. take a pair of cotton gloves or socks on and let the balm take the night off.


Nice nutrient hand cream that softeners, nurseys and moids dry hands.

The skin is rebuilt, and your hands are left behind. Soft and protected.

Contains, inter alia, ecological sunflower and chamomile and are available in 3 frafts :

Cotton Haze : Fresh odor of fruit with a hint of citrus.

Linen Dew : a nice light scent of wood, and smoked, fresh mint.

Silky Mist : Refreshing smell of sweet fruit, with a hint of citrus and orange.


Nice hand soap that cleans and cleans the skin mild and efficient.

Contains, inter alia, ecological sunflower, sea thorns and rosemary and available in 3 frafts :

Cotton Haze : Fresh odor of fruit with a hint of citrus.

Linen Dew : a nice light scent of wood, and smoked, fresh mint.

Silky Mist : Refreshing smell of sweet fruit, with a hint of citrus and orange.


Nice affluous soaps that cleans and purify the body.

The soap gives moisture to the skin, restores the skin cells, and is rich in antioxidants.

For extra moisture and care, you can use the body lotion or the oil of Merakis.

Available in 3 odor variants :

Cotton Haze : Fresh odor of fruit with a hint of citrus.

Linen Dew : a nice light scent of wood, and smoked, fresh mint.

Silky Mist : Refreshing smell of sweet fruit, with a hint of citrus and orange.


Nice body castles that moiy and tend to the skin.

The cream gives moisture to the skin, restores the skin cells and is rich in antioxidants.

If the skin is missing extra moisture, you can add a few drops of oil to the lotion.

Available in 3 odor variants :

Cotton Haze : Fresh odor of fruit with a hint of citrus.

Linen Dew : a nice light scent of wood, and smoked, fresh mint.

Silky Mist : Refreshing smell of sweet fruit, with a hint of citrus and orange.


Mild and fragrant dishwasher. The soap is made with care for the body and the environment, and therefore no colouring matter or any unnecessary additives.

To be obtained in 2 frafts :

Urban Guard : Blid, fresh breeze, with a light touch of flowers.

Sand dunes : orange and citrus, rosemary, mint, and green Iris.


For the extra volume :

Efficient shampoo that cleans, moisturians and strengthens every hair and hair, lots of it, and the volume and the volume.

Gorgeous moisturible conditioner, which brings the hair added to the back and the volume.

Contains, inter alia, organic rosemary and sandalwood

Cotton Haze -Fresh odor of fruit, with a hint of citrus.

Damage hair :

Nice moisturible shampoo and conditioner that's breathable and efficient rebuilder and nurturing their hair.

Contains, inter alia, ecological sunflower and geranium

The Linen Dew-A beautiful light scent of wood, and smoked, fresh mint.

Usually for dry hair:

Nice moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that protects and restores the hair. Is rich in antioxidants.

Includes organic sunflower and sea buckthorn

Fragrance: Silky Mist - Refreshing scent of sweet fruit with a touch of citrus and orange.

For extra shine, add a few drops of Meraki oil to your shampoo and conditioner.


There are many different variants of soy light. Many are blends containing paraffin, palm wax and additives to make the light burn longer and harden better. It's all something that helps increase air pollution when you turn on the light.

Meraki soy candles are 100% clean

A Meraki soy candle is made of oil from the soybean. The light contains 96% soy and 4% aroma. This means that the light soots significantly less than a regular candle, and you therefore avoid sooty walls, furniture and curtains. If you spill stearin, it can easily be dried up with a cloth and a little warm water.


Fresh cotton

White tea + ginger

Sandalwood + jasmine

Fig + apricot

Burn time, large: 35 hours

Burn time, small: 12 hours


Dry brushing has been practiced for hundreds of years worldwide. It is a simple but very effective technique that adds new life to your skin. Dry brushing gives your skin a soft and fresh glow - free of waste. A simple and inexpensive path to well-being and a more beautiful skin.

Therefore, dry brushing is good for your skin:

  • It stimulates blood circulation
  • It provides new energy
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It reduces cellulite (by smoothing out fat deposits)
  • It helps remove waste from the body
  • It removes dead skin cells

Here's how to dry brush:

  • Always brush against the heart
  • If you have sensitive skin, you can moisturise the brush/glove
  • Brush like 4-5 minutes
  • Blame the body in the shower after brushing and preferably with cold water

We are proud to welcome Meraki toNeighbour. Meraki has much more, such as towels and makeup and we wish we would soon have the opportunity to treat you to this too. Please drop us an email if there is a Meraki product that you would like us to have.

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