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Louise Roe

LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN, a Danish design company, creates sophisticated Scandinavian interiors. Orderliness, clean materials and good raw materials are part of the secret behind the sculptural designs.

The inspiration often comes from buildings and architecture. Although it is not at all the size format Louise Roe designs in, it still provides good inspiration for working with different materials, shapes and colors .

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This is seen, among other things, in City Light´s, which illustrates the skyline of Manhattan or the marble lamps, where one whole piece of pure marble has been used as a heavy and stable pillar. At the same time, older things are given high weight. Things that are made properly, in good and clean materials.

Louise Roe greatly appreciates that every product is made properly. She emphasizes sustainability, and that all designs are an honest and clean product, for example by not using mixed materials. High quality raw marble and glass from Poland are used. All designs are believable, have a history with them and consist of clean and good raw materials.

LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN was built in 2010. Louise Roe herself is a trained clothing designer and therefore has background knowledge on how to best match and mix different materials with each other. Louise Roe describes herself that using several different materials is like getting a good starter, delicious main course and a sweet dessert.


Louise Roe draws all her products herself, determining the size, use of materials, shape and colors for each product. This is an extensive process and can sometimes result in late working days before the individual product is ready for production. Especially also because LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN only employs four people. This means that they all work in several different areas, just as Louise herself deals with both design and production, but also marketing and sales.

A day at the office is very different from day to day. The day can include packing some special packages, visiting suppliers, preparing for trade fairs, designing and drawing on new products and finally throwing a package off at a supplier on the way home from work.


With Neighbor we love Louise Roe´'s beautiful designs. Of course we have the iconic City Lights. With City Lights, you create your own city with different sizes or colors. It is the variation in sizes that makes your skyline interesting. Is it along the dining table or a space full of light in different sizes. Light them up in the evening and maybe they should have a flower during the day, the possibilities are many. Each of the colors gives a special look and it works great both single or with several together. It is really smart to use LED tealights in the colored City Lights, as you can not see that it is not real light that has been used.

Also, just try to check out the Jewels tables. They exist both as coffee tables and as side tables. They are really elegant with the faceted edge and the "smooth and exclusive" material. Available in both marble and black glass. The legs are in powder coated iron bone.

The table is designed in collaboration between Louise Roe and ByKato and the inspiration came from a faceted diamond.

Last but not least, we also have the Fantastically beautiful and exclusive display cabinets from Louise Roe. The perfect showcase for your favorite things. This combination of black cast iron and glass in an elegant frame gives an expression of feminine industrial radiance. The cabinet is handmade in Denmark and is a craft of very high quality.


See review by Louise Roe in Bo Bedre, July 2017 here