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Children's room

Children Children Children - We love them and we will do everything for the dear little ones!With Neighbor we have decorated an "orphanage" "with lovely and cute furniture, toys and interior. All in all something that stimulates and makes it nice for our little ones .

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Life changes forever the moment you have children. You have no idea what you are getting into, but the moment you see your little child for the first time, you are forever different. A mother or a father, with responsibility for a little unique and absolutely wonderful person. We will do everything to protect and take care of our little child. In addition to the very basic requirements, it is great to be able to make the surroundings nice and not least stimulating for our loved ones. This can be done in many ways. One of them is to decorate the children's room cozy and nice, just like the rest of your home.

With Neighbor we have decorated an "orphanage" "with lovely and cute furniture, toys and interior. All of which is something that stimulates and makes it nice for our little ones.

So far, we have primarily focused on the small children, and the choice of our furniture and interior for the little ones is delicate and calm colors.


Give your child new sensory experiences, motor skills and a better body awareness with a ball pool. Ball pools from Misioo are really something that can keep the little ones busy for a long time. Kids love it, and with good reason. Who does not think it is fun to be in the shower and so without getting wet. The ball pool can be in the living room, and then there is just a sense of cosiness and fun. The ball pool is available in several different sizes. 200 balls are included when buying a pool. In addition, extra balls in many different colors can be purchased. The pools that are CE approved are made of natural foam, and are therefore flexible and comfortable, and therefore straighten out quickly again. The cover is Oeko-tex 100 standard cotton, nice soft and washable at 40 degrees. The pools are also available in several colors so they fit perfectly into your home.


The lighting in your child's room helps to create a cozy room. It is important that there is ceiling lighting that can illuminate the whole room when playing, but It is also important with cozy lighting when it comes to cozying and sleeping - it is best to have more than one place in the room, perhaps a light chain. For the slightly older child, proper lighting is super important the desk.


Furniture for our children must be of good quality, functional, but they must also be cute and fun. It's nice to sit in bed and read books or play with dolls. Make it all nice and nice with nice bedding and a soft blanket or pillow.

Remember details in the decor that just make it extra nice, e.g. a picture a Tipi which is a cozy hiding place or something for decoration and play with the imagination.


We probably all know it with children. They have so many incredible things and it's messy. The first step to tidying up the children's room is storage. You can hardly get too much storage. A large closet with lots of space for dolls, cars, bricks, etc. , but also storage boxes are absolutely ingenious when it all needs to get a little out of the way quickly. We have the cutest storage boxes and bedrolls from Bloomingville in wood and with cute motifs.


We hope that you find everything you need for the children's room here, but if you see something that is missing, send us a message so we can be even better!