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Are you ready? We have collected a lot of crazy offers, and on Friday 29 November at 00.01 we go SHOP AMOK… .. :)

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Have you also tried to wander around shops, department stores and shopping centers and frantically look for offers as well as parking spaces. Have your arms become long and your purchases have been limited by the number of arms more than your wallet? How about sitting in peace and quiet and enjoying yourself with our fantastic Black Friday offer.

Whether you have fallen in love with some of our delicious products or you have planned to get all the Christmas presents arranged, here is your chance to make an exceptionally good bargain, and we will change right up until 31 January 2020.

To make it even easier for you to get an overview of our offers, we have a category called Black Friday. Below we have some under categories, such as. display cabinets.

We offer furniture such as display cabinets, tables, chairs, but also smaller items such as. vases, lamps, plates, textiles and much more. We already have some of the items in stock, but we also have items that are ordered items on our crazy Black Friday. Here you will then be contacted after Black Friday with information about the expected delivery time.

The story of Black Friday

In recent years, the Danes have embraced Black Friday as the big shopping day and a kick-off to Christmas shopping. It originates from the United States and is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is always the fourth Thursday in November. Today's name is originally from Philiadelphia USA, where it was used to describe the heavy traffic of pedestrians and cars that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. The name dates back to 1961. Later, the retail industry in the United States introduced an alternative explanation: That retailers generally did not make money from January - November and Black Friday was a mark of the turning point where they began to get black numbers on the bottom line.