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Meet NovaSolo

Novasolo is the design and production of indoor furniture. NovaSolo is the story of a young man who began a worldwide voyage with nothing but two wheels. He went east and met the world's largest island and has not abandoned Indonesia since.

Be inspired with this little film, where you can see a view of Novasolo's furniture and read the following about their furniture.

Curve furniture, WICKERWORKS COLLECTION Hand-fleshed curvings of Rattan. Stolene's produced in Indonesia. Here, there are chairs for all purposes. A rattfurb gives a nice feeling. The Wicker Merge is comfortable and brings you closer to nature. A lot of different chairs are used to be used in rooms where we relax. It could be in the bedroom in the dining room or in the corner of the bedroom. It feels almost like a great hug when you dive into one of those big lefes with a back-seat back-chair-chair-chair, all about comfort, good craftsmanship, and a nice piece of furniture. In most of the courtside seats, the hynden.


Halifax leads our thoughts to the French countryside. Halifax has an extensive sorrow for the dining room, room or bedroom. All the furniture was designed with great details. The tree has been selected carefully. All the furniture is gathered in the palm of the hand to ensure that quality is in order. The word is "details". Where do you want to start? Every piece of furniture in the Halifax Contrast collection has a classic silhouette that has a cast of socket in the bottom and the cheeses at the top. The antique is in the traditional, smallpox-shaped handle and buds with matching bolts that are visible. And then there's the old-school panelwork and faked off-the-line fronts. In 1818, a young man, Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt, bought an old brick factory in a village in Sancerre region. Not to produce bricks, but to use the new technology to produce porcelain.

In some of the modern age, drawers and lockers have been replaced by sliksleeders, easily accessible, rattan curve. Functional and at the same time, it gives the furnian a cozy and romantic expression. There is a large committee in disgrace and vitrinators, for example, for storing in the dining room or in the living room. It is also very nice in the children's room and in particular the variants with the baskets. This is where all the toys that are usually fast are going to be left to go through. In the hallway, it is also practical, because there is a way to hide hides, mittens and keys of the way. We call it "any design."

For the small spaces, there is no need to be large and clumsy. If you have a smaller place where the place is craving, then look at the little designs that make it possible to have a nice and usable piece of furniture in spite of the space, but you're still achieving this great look. Ideally, the furniture is also in the summer house. Here, both the couriers, as well as Halifax, will really come to their right.

The safe collection is furniture in solid teak wood, with a natural surface treatment. When you have a console in your home, you wonder how you've been able to live without one. Not only that gives you the opportunity to show a vase, light or a touch of ornament, so it can be the place you have the essentials things in everyday life-whether it's keys or a notepad and pencil. Disapits that give control of the inorder ... ☺

A sofas can set the tone in your living room. The cottage has a pawn with wooden legs and slop edges, but it's a bit more modern, thanks to the natural raw surface. Hyde desk design is characterating classic details from the tongue and groove panels to the Victoria Panels and the iconic trumpet bones. With the drawers, there are plenty of storage space to keep the table free of root and useful enough to use as a desk in the living room and bedroom.

At Neighbour, we sell all of NovaSolo's furniture. Most of the furniture is in stock at NovaSolo and can therefore be delivered within 10 working days. Feel free to send us an email on and inquire about specific delivery times. All furniture from Neighbour is delivered to your home free of charge, making it easy to shop furniture with us.



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